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Mini Z Big Boy Power & Speed

$531.97 $496.97
(You save $35.00)

Product Description

The Big Boy Power and Speed kit is designed to help you get the most out of your stock sled. It includes everything you’ll need in one package. We give you different gearing options as well as a Tunable Exhaust for best performance. You can easily set up a stock sled with the power for the hills or speed for lake crossing or trails.

This kit will typically help you gain 6-12 mph from stock speed.


Kit includes: The Dominator Clutch, 2 #35 Chain Sprockets for the best of both worlds, Quick Change Hub, Chain Tensioner, Power Intake Kit which comes with an adjustable main jet to correct the lean fuel condition that 120's have from the factory, a Velocity Stack to give the engine more air then the restrictive factory air box, and the correct Governor Spring for more RPM's and a Tunable Exhaust Pipe that has been designed with specific diameter and length to allow you to get optimal performance.