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Mud Motor Kits

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MZ200M 85"

Product Description

The Swamp Runner attachment details:

 LIFETIME WARRANTY on coupler shafts and housings!  That's right.  Swamp Runner offers the best warranty in the industry, and is the FIRST & ONLY mud motor company to offer a lifetime warranty on key drivetrain parts. All Swamp Runner couplers are manufactured from heavy duty steel that will last a lifetime, which is why they come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  We DO NOT utilize aluminum couplers, which will corrode from electrolysis and can eventually crack.
 SPS couplers and tiller handles are hot-dipped in galvanize, followed by an additional coating of paint.  This double coating offers far superior corrosion resistance and paintability over the chrome offered by others.
 The coupler shaft of this kit rides smoothly on a high quality sealed Japanese radial bearing, while economy Thai long tails have no bearing or utilize a cheap unsealed Chinese bearing.
 We offer tiller handle mounts for left or right hand steering.  Most other Thai longtails have right handed steering only.
 Our transom bracket is far deeper, wider, and heavier built, offering a safe 2" bite on the transom.  Other Thai longtails have only a 3/4" bite, and/or are made from thinner stamped steel.
 SPS transom bolts have transom pads, providing a larger surface area to grip the transom firmly without digging into the transom and damaging it.
The winged heads of SPS transom and coupler bolts are constructed of heavy duty steel, while economy Thai longtails use cast aluminum winged bolts that can break.
 The diameter of our tiller handles will accept custom throttle levers, while other Thai longtails have a diameter that will not allow it.
 Swamp Runner longtails have grease zerk fittings located in numerous locations to make lubrication easy.
 The engine base of our Small, Medium, and Large kits can be moved forward and backward for balance adjustment.
 The gimble bracket of this Swamp Runner kit pivots smoothly on sealed roller bearings, while the economy Thai longtail brands use dry bushings cut from conduit pipe.
 All our kits come with a high quality tethered kill switch.  We don't use the cheap switches that will deform and fail after a little sunlight.
The rails of the engine mounting base and transom gimble brackets on this kit are .48" thick, and constructed of  JIS SS400 grade structural steel (equivalent to AISI-1018 or ASTM-A36. 
 SPS utilizes refined manufacturing techniques that are a trade secret, to produce a highly balanced shaft assembly you just can't get anywhere else.

Engine requirements

  • The engine must have a horizontal output shaft.     
  • The output shaft must be 3/4" inch diameter (non-tapered) with keyway.
  • The engine side cover bolt circle diameter must be: 3 5/8 inches
  • Engine base bolt pattern must be: 6 3/8” X 3 1/8”

*For boats with transoms exceeding 17" in height, or with bottom widths between 40" & 48" please advise us you need a 100" shaft. We do not recommend longtails for vessels with a bottom width exceeding 48". 


SMALL MUD MOTOR KIT 85” Extreme Duty Shaft $629.00
Engines 5.5 to 7 HP
We recommend our SMALL SWAMP RUNNER® mud motor kits for 10-12 ft. Jon boats and flat-back canoes.
These ship with 6 ¼” & 6 ½” diameter propellers, generally used with engines between 5.5 and 7.5 HP.
Kit Weight: 46 lbs.

MEDIUM MUD MOTOR KIT 85” Extreme Duty Shaft $729.00
                                             100” Extreme Duty Shaft $749.00
Engines 8 to 16 HP
We recommend our MEDIUM SWAMP RUNNER® mud motor kits for small to mid-size Jon boats and skiffs.
The medium kit ships with 8” & 8 ½” diameter propellers, generally used with engines between 8 and 16 HP.
Kit Weight: 57 lbs.

LARGE MUD MOTOR KIT 100” Extreme Duty Shaft $939.00
Engines 17 to 40 HP
We recommend our LARGE SWAMP RUNNER® mud motor kits for marsh, skiffs, bateaus, and Jon boats 16 to 18 feet.
These kits ship with 9” & 9 ½” diameter propellers generally used with engines 17 to 40 HP.
Kit Weight: 75 lbs.



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