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Engine Rebuilding


Recreational Motorsports does complete engine rebuilding from the crankshaft up. We do all of our crankshaft rebuilding, boring, and head work in house so we have total control over the work being done, no middle man. We can do a normal engine refresh or a high tech race engine build with special coatings and parts. Our specialty is Powersports engines like Motorcycles, ATVs, and Snowmobiles but we also do Lawn and Garden engines and a ton of vintage bikes and Scooters.

We can supply parts at very competitive pricing or you can supply them yourself. We have several types of customers from the average rider to racers and motorcycle dealers that don't want to do the work themselves.

You contact us by phone at 319-462-6932 and we can discuss your engine problems. After determining if engine work is what you need, you ship us your engine and we tear it down. We'll be keeping the cost to a minimum and call you with a detailed estimate of the price!